Rapid, fine-tuned disruption


This team workshop will exponentially increase the quantity and the innovative quality of your team’s ideas - much more than our other workshops.

We are not talking about brainstorming, we are talking about advanced, science- and practice-based creative methodologies that have been designed to specifically trigger creative processes in teams.

You and your team will be entering a world you did not even think possible, and will witness your brain operating at a speed and frequency that you won’t believe.

But the results will be there, in front of you, and you will see how much higher your team’s capability to innovate, to iterate and to create has become.

What’s more, this will create an almost uncontainable creative ferment and energy, giving your team a rush that they will want to experience again by triggering these creative mechanisms together again.


Better ideas

Your team will generate more ideas, together, of a much higher creative quality, constantly finding new, unexplored territories.

Team closeness

Colleagues will be the only ones with which people are able to do this next-level type of work, and they will want to stick together.

Blind mutual trust

Working in agreement will become the rule - as everyone will recognize that there is no better way to create and innovate together.

Willingness to listen

Everyone will be always looking for inputs from others, and find them in other’s ideas, even in the subtext of an unrelated idea.

Faster innovation and iteration

Understanding the science of creativity, your team will be dishing out incredible solutions every time, allowing for faster and more frequent testing.

Constant creative energy

The buzz this type of work creates will reinforce itself, even contributing to the general mood of the team and their culture.

Tuned group mind

You will be astonished by how close to mind-reading your team’s ideation processes will be, and witness what effects this creates.

Master innovative thinking

You will know how to innovate, what behaviors trigger it, how they are trained, and how you can enter a creative mindset in seconds.


We offer a creativity module in several other team building and leadership workshops. This is however an extremely advanced one: the tools, skills and exercises that build this workshop up are not for everyone, and they have the potential to strongly backfire if the team isn’t mature or strong enough.

For this reason, we only offer this on a case-by-case basis, after exploring the team’s attitude, preparation and stability.

Only after having collected enough information we will decide whether this work is a good fit or if instead the team will still benefit from a team building and leadership workshop - which will give them the necessary skills to perform well in this one.

The workshop runs for minimum 4 hours, without a maximum number of hours or sessions. All of this is to be decided during a personal consultation, free of charge of course.

If you think this is for you, get in touch!


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