Next level leadership


This workshop takes a deeper dive into two leadership styles that will allow you to build stronger resilience, trust in your role and work effectiveness. We will clearly frame those specific styles and then explore in detail how you will anchor them in your specific work reality.

This will allow you to have a solid understanding of the mechanisms that go on when people need to cope with higher levels of uncertainty and what specific behaviors you can adopt at any moment to be the leader your team needs, respects and trusts to make the right decision for everyone when asked to do so.

The workshop will provide you with tools for a seamless integration of these new skills into your work context. We will directly explore what version of these behaviours is best for yourself and your team, and empower you to adopt constructive behaviors and processes that are designed to fit automatically in your existing environment.


Work with a happier team

A healthy team is a happy team - and your ability to create solid interaction channels across people will be the key to a healthy group.

Enable faster growth

Speed up problem-solving and resilience, and include them into the spirit of your team - be their right leader and results will come.

Higher awareness

Always be on top of things, read your teams interaction and understand the subtext and the unspoken, and the implications that they can have.

Be who your team needs

Leadership depends on context, and by reading better what role your team requires you to play at any moment, you can be sure to always be there for them.

Make better decisions

Understand your team’s deeper interactions and motives, and will gain access to a much larger amount of data to base your decisions on.

Inspire trust

A leader who is there for her team is a friend, a manager and a role model: become their inspiration and motivation to become better.

Defuse conflicts

Read your team’s interaction and learn when to step in to solve conflicts in a constructive and positive way, long before they escalate.

Trust your own leadership

Be the catalyst of the best work environment your team has ever experienced, and see how strong the effects of a shift in your role can be.


Within this workshop we will look at what a modern leader’s role is supposed and meant to be. We will be looking at what styles you can adopt and how to switch from one to the other. Most importantly, we will work on you: on building your personal skills, and on training and developing them within the workshop.

We will touch areas such as communication science, problem solving and conflict resolution - all starting from a solid scientific basis and then following with a real life experience of what those concepts mean when applied in practice.

You will walk out of this workshop not only with an additional set of skills to be a better leader, but you will feel more confident in your role, more aware of how you can steer and develop your team’s interaction and more prepared to face whatever curveball is being thrown at you.

The workshop will last for 2 sessions of 2,5 hours each, to be done in one or two days.

After the workshop we will follow up with some takeaways of what we have done.


Let us know about your team and goals - we'll be happy to talk to you!