Develop, grow and thrive


This workshop is the endgame, it is a comprehensive and deep leadership workshop to skyrocket your performance, confidence and competence as a leader.

In the time we will spend together, we will go for a deep dive in leadership and team culture, communication, work culture and change management, making you able to single-handedly start the right change in your team.

At the end of the session, you will be able to read, connect and engage with your team like never before, increasing your ability to gain trust and respect - and all by being true to who you are and who your team is and needs.

Most importantly, you will be a reference point for your team to understand how to better their own behaviors and skills, as they will be the first ones to notice and appreciate the change in you, in your leadership style and work philosophy, in your rewards system and in how you have their back and interface with external actors, be it upper management or clients / investors.

Finally, over time, these skills will enable you to start a positive cultural change in your team, organically finding a unique way of working that will respect each component of the team as well as what the market requires.


A happier place to work

The positive effects of your leadership will be palpable and will quickly spread onto your team’s way of working and operating with each other.

Be trusted and build trust

Inspire your team leading by example, and gradually build their trust in your leadership skills as well as in their professional ones.

Enable respect

Be the catalyst of a culture of respect at work, and build your team’s strength on the basis of mutual respect and support.

Safely navigate complexity

Understand the patterns of chaos, and always find the best course of action to maximize your chances of success in uncertainty.

Better problem solving

Empower respect for other people’s ideas and thoughts, and enable real constructive discussions to find the right solution as a group.

Build a culture of sharing

Understand and show the value of mutual support, imbue it in your team and enjoy working in a thriving work culture.

Work in transparency

Allow your team to respect and appreciate your fairness, making even negative feedback a constructive experience for everyone.

Move faster

Be able to accelerate your team’s efficiency in their ideation process: find new ways of thinking out-of-the-box to reach your goals.

Multitask and delegate better

Be aware of different events, communication flows and everyone’s skills and use this information to delegate more and better.

Constructive conflict resolution

Learn to use even conflicts as a chance to learn and grow together, understanding and respecting the deeper reasons of everyone.

Emotional proficiency

Understand the rules of empathy, be aware of what they mean in a real-life context, and unlock access to a deeper level of engagement.

Be an example

Show people how different work can be, and be the reference point for what other leaders want their own team culture to be.


This workshop will firstly take a deep dive in the world of interpersonal communication and interaction, providing you with a full range of concepts and tools that we will practice from different angles and in different ways to make sure that you not only have a theoretical understanding of the concept, but that most of all you have a first-hand experience of what the practical application of each concept means.

Secondly, we will go through simulation after simulation of real-life work situations, putting each concept into practice and in the framework of your own professional world. This will allow you to exit the workshop with a direct practical idea of what works for you, without having to test it on your own team.

In this phase we will go through sessions focused on practical and rapid problem-solving, on conflict resolution and on using empathy to understand deeper needs, desires or issues within your team.

After this workshop, you will be and feel different in your role as the leader, and most of all, you will have the full set of capabilities to help your team grow, thrive and start the change they want and need.

The workshop will be done in two sessions of 5 hours each, in two separate days.

Following the workshop, you will receive a few takeaways to fix these concepts and help you bring them in your professional world.


Let us know about your team and goals - we'll be happy to talk to you!