Because team building is the secret ingredient that gets your team to work and perform better, while being happier to do so all along.

Ask anyone, wouldn’t the like a better work environment within a unit, higher financial performance and a lower stress rate?

This is possible with training and to do it, a good workshop must do three things:

  • provide a fun and relaxed environment, a break from work;
  • trigger specific behaviours that participants can experience and learn from;
  • focus on skills that are transferrable back to the office.

Any event that does not offer all three of them is a waste of time and money, and this is why each team building workshop we offer is built specifically to respond to all those three needs.


Goals of these workshops, both for the company and its team members are clear and straightforward, and our workshops are specifically built to satisfy both sides.

Companies ultimately want higher turnovers, efficiency, motivation, commitment and resilience out of the workshop; team members want to have a better relationship with their colleagues and with their tasks, and in general a workplace they like being in.

In each workshop, we focus on triggering specific psychological mechanisms that are scientifically proven to connect people and to build stronger mutual trust and support, even in difficult times. Most importantly, our focus is on the long run: we build your team so that it remains united, regardless of circumstances, and so that it never loses focus on reaching your goals.


Leader and team are two faces of the same medal. Leaders are part of the team and of the network of relationships in the group. Break the relationship with them and the whole network falls apart.

Each team building workshop we provide keeps that aspect into account. Specifically, your leaders need to be and be perceived as people, not as something “else” above and separate from the real world everyone else works in.

On the other hand, teams need to be a part of the unit, and a leader should not perceive its team as a high-school click he or she is excluded from. This happens more than we’d like to admit…

Because of all this, our goal in each team building workshop is to focus on the person and on his or her communication and interaction skills first. Once that is in place we can move on to roles and hierarchy, but by making sure that your team’s personal connections are solid, transparent and true we know that everything else will fall into place much better.


EBZ Coaching offers four workshops:

These workshops all differ in length, going from a short and fun team event to a cycle of events to gradually develop team skills and performance over time.

Most importantly, each one respects the three fundamental concepts of being fun, helping people learn from experience, and building transferrable skills.

The optimal group size per workshop is between 6 and 20 people.



This is a fast and fun team building event, ideal to give your team a boost in motivation, cooperation and mutual trust. It also works great for onboarding new team members or whole units!
  • Duration: 2-2:30 hours
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart.
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This workshop goes deeper into a team's interaction and communication skills, its goal is to not only provide participants with better ways of interacting and working together, but also to explain why specific behaviours work in a team and how to keep them up.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart.
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This 2-day workshop works on teams from all angles, giving them new concepts, skills and behaviours, and giving them also enough time to experience each one separately and understand subtleties and details of each point of the workshop, together.

  • Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each, spread over two days.
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart, a projector.

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This event cycle breaks down six different aspects of working in a team: Teamwork, Leadership, Problem-solving and storytelling, Empathy and conflict resolution, Body language and public speaking, Creative skills for faster innovation. Each one is addressed in at least one 4-hour session. At the end of the cycle, your team will be completely transformed, operating at a pace and frequency that will leave them astonished as well.

  • Duration: min. 6 sessions of 4 hours each.
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart, a projector.

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We have built our work on years of experience and studies, as well as a solid amount of trial and error to provide you and your organization with the best there is. most importantly, the key to the whole system is you: your goals, needs and attitude - so talk to us, and let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver it, our way.

Also, any concerns, questions or doubt you may have, feel free to get in touch. One of our focus areas is communication, and we welcome it from you at any stage: being transparent, open and straightforward is part of our process!

Bottom line, we will provide you with the best possible offer you can get, and we can only do it if we walk the walk of our principles, starting with listening to you, building your needs into our work and showing you we are on the same page, every step of the way.


Let us know about your team and goals - we'll be happy to talk to you!