Stronger than ever


This is not a workshop.

This is a series of events designed to take your team to the next level.

One-stop workshops do work, they deliver and they provide the skills that they promise. But it's what happens after the workshop that is out of our control.

This is our way of changing that. We don't want just to give your team skills to work better, we want to drive their cultural change into a dynamic culture of learning and relating, providing them with a series of tools and weapons that they will be able to access and use at a moment's notice, starting from observing their environment and going towards choosing the skills and tools they need every step of the way.

Basically, we will make your culture better, faster and more fun - are you in?


Better team interaction and communication

Your team will grow stronger and stronger bonds over time, making them into not just a group of people working together, but into a coordinated, self-organized action unit.

Higher levels of trust and support

Session after session, your team’s mutual acceptance and support will grow until each member will have gained the respect and the full trust of everyone else on the team

Awareness of communication flows

Beyond listening and communicating clearly, your team will be able to follow different strings of thought and easily focus on multiple ones, without losing track of what’s what

Ability to influence communication

Communication has a few subtle switches - all you need is knowing how to trigger them to direct the conversation to where you intend to. Your team will be capable of that.

Using emotions to connect better

Your team’s heightened emotional intelligence will help them access a deeper level of communication to quickly engage and speed up connections across each other and with others

Higher resilience to changing environments

Your team will become its own safety net: everyone will know and trust that everyone else will do all that’s in their power to provide constructive support when the time comes.

Driving cultural change as a team

Gradually, your team will discover what they need to work better as a team, and adopt new solutions and structures to get them exactly there, bottom-up.

Solving conflicts autonomously

Conflicts can’t disappear, ever, but they can be used constructively. Your team will learn specific techniques designed to defuse conflicts before it’s too late.

Better and effective problem-solving

Observation, communication, support, creativity - all of this will be at your team’s disposal whenever a problem arises. All they need to do is get started.

Faster innovation and creativity

We will dive deep into the science and practice of creativity, helping your team become better innovators, ideates and problem solvers - and doing it all together.


In this workshop series we will dive deep into all the different elements that make teams better, plain and simple. Namely we will work on

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving and storytelling
  • Empathy and conflict resolution
  • Body language and public speaking
  • Creative skills for faster innovation

Each theme will have a dedicated 4-hour session, separated by 2 weeks or 1 month. Between the sessions, participants will need to work on specific skills and themes together, so that we can build on them on other sessions and make connections to all the work we will have done before.

What's more, we will give you a measure of how effective our training is by showing you numbers of how people are improving. We have developed a method specifically for that, this way you'll see what's happening black on white.


Let us know about your team and goals - we'll be happy to talk to you!