I've published three books, all based on my work, research and experience, you can take a look at the three of them below - and then head to each book's page to find out more about it!


A science-based guide to inspire and drive your team

Emotional Intelligence is a key skill for leaders and this book is precisely designed to give you clear, science-backed and actionable insights on how you can become a more emotionally intelligent leader.

You are a leader, and you need to quickly step up to your role or want to improve your skills - and you want actionable material. This book aims to be that practical take on emotional intelligence and leadership development: still science-backed, but direct and actionable with a focus on your leadership skills and leadership development.

"I work as CTO for a technology company and I must say this is a nicely written, concise and helpful book."

"This book helps you to discover all about EI in very short time."

A handbook of what makes your project right for funding

This book is mainly for projects that wish to access public grants and will give you:

  • A downloadable proposal template and budget sheet
  • An A-to-Z methodology to write your proposal and budget developed over 7 years of practice
  • In-depth explanations for each proposal section
  • Several examples of paragraph texts
  • 7 Writing techniques to make your project's case better
  • 26 Proposal-Specific writing tips

"An excellent guideline to improve your chances to get your project funded" 

"Detailed, helpful, and the author visibly has experience and knows what he's talking about" 

How to make better decisions under uncertainty and pressure

Effective Decision-Making is a collection of practical, actionable tools for making better decisions in business.

Decisions are taken under uncertainty and pressure, and decision tools are usually complex and academic.

This book takes a practical approach and gives an immediately actionable step-by-step indication of how to apply each one, making your decision-making process faster and more effective.

"Tightly packed with actionable ideas presented in a logical framework"

"This book is one of the most useful reads I've had in a long time"