Good teamwork is based on solid communication and interaction between people, and teambuilding is often necessary to build those strong connections across them. In environments that are often designed to be competitive, interaction and mutual support are not always immediate behaviours, and need to be developed via teambuilding.

Those behaviours have much better effects on the team’s performance and effectiveness, as well as on the overall morale, but exactly because they are not instinctive behaviors in groups, they often need to be built into the team’s everyday working life.

Teambuilding workshops

Look for teambuilding workshops online and you’ll be presented with a huge amount of results, each one referring to a different teambuilding workshop based on a different method. Provided a basic level of professionalism on the trainer’s side, every method has pros and cons. Given that, your number one criterion for choosing a trainer or teambuilding event should be how well that person’s method fits your people’s attitude and needs.

Our teambuilding workshops

I base my workshops on building communication and interaction skills across people, specifically we break down communication skills in three steps:

  1. listening
  2. getting a message across to the other person
  3. building a connection and maintaining the other person’s attention

Our aim is to build these soft skills in each unit member in a way that they will continue to reinforce teamwork for long after the teambuilding workshop is finished. We ensure this by adopting a very practical approach via continuous exercises, games and direct interaction. By working more on the practical side instead of providing a theoretical presentation, we can ensure a longer persistence of the concepts we explain, as well as a better understanding of the behaviors that lead to better results. Technically speaking, we use improv and applied improvisation in our work.

For each step of our teambuilding workshop, we focus on providing your people with the following:

  • a practical experience of a different way of communicating and working together
  • a detailed explanation of the scientific background of the exercises
  • a light and humorous approach – we want to keep things funny and entertaining, but also very serious!

We offer different levels, from a quick, easy and fun introduction, to a full-on series of events in which we will devote a single session to a specific skill and boost your organization’s work capabilities to a whole new level. Most importantly, in each one we never lose our main focus: your people – after all you can’t do teambuilding without their commitment, attention and motivation, which is why each person is our starting point.