Training and Coaching Glossary

This is our training and coaching glossary, take a look at the most relevant terms for the learning and development industry, together with our workshop offer.

Most of these terms are widely used in HR and L&D. This page is intended to provide an overview of what is relevant and the most used terminology in the industry. Our goal for this page is to merely give a perspective, not so much to dive deeper into details and debates. Our glossary will provide you with a solid introduction and overview of what counts. We do however go a lot deeper in precision and content during our teamwork and leadership workshops.

If you find anything that you like in our glossary, please feel free to explore more. There is plenty more details and content to be explored and our aim is by no means to be the final textbook on the learning and development industry – that is to say we encourage you to explore beyond these pages, whether online or by getting in touch with us for a workshop, you are always welcome! Even if not, we hope our training and coaching glossary is sufficient to give you a basic understanding of the industry and its key points – our goal is to be quick and to the point, without wasting much time in detailed explanations. There are several encyclopedias for that! The glossary we provide is targeted to provide quickly accessible content to HR and L&D professionals, as well as other trainers and coaches or learning and development practitioners. We aim to be a reference in the industry, and this is the start.