A handbook of what makes your project right for funding

- "An excellent guideline to improve your chances to get your project funded" 

- "Binda Zane keeps it light and easy to read, while still perfectly making his point" 

- "This book is visibly written by someone who knows what he's talking about and is sharing all his expert knowledge" 

- "For anyone who has to write proposals, this is a must have" 

- "Very useful content, well written and researched. You can see that this is all based on experience and it’s not a collection of stuff found here and there" 

- "Detailed, helpful, and the author visibly has experience and knows what he's talking about" 

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Writing Proposals aims at enabling you to write better grant proposals by using industry best-practices and a field-tested template.


This book is mainly for projects that wish to access public grants and will give you:

  • A downloadable proposal template and budget sheet
  • An A-to-Z methodology to write your proposal and budget developed over 7 years of practice
  • In-depth explanations for each proposal section
  • Several examples of paragraph texts
  • 7 Writing techniques to make your project's case better
  • 26 Proposal-Specific writing tips

Proposal Writing is a daunting task: we have to follow strict guidelines and a process we aren't familiar with. On top of that, we need to present our project in the best possible light, all within a very tight deadline.

Doing everything, and doing it perfectly, is possible - but it requires time: time to read, to understand, to plan and to write.

Time, unfortunately, is the resource we lack the most, and we might not be able to build the necessary expertise via practice.

This is where I come in: I put my time in this book, so you don't have to waste yours.

This book is a collection of the best, tools, tricks and techniques developed in 7+ years of grant writing. Every single tool or concept has been field tested and refined via trial and error.


Writing Proposals is divided in three sections

SECTION 1 is an A-to-Z guide on how to write a proposal. It provides a workflow, a sample proposal structure, and a downloadable proposal template and budget sheet.
Each one of its chapters provides a detailed explanation of the different building blocks:

  • First Steps of Proposal Writing
  • Outline of the Technical Proposal
  • Introduction
  • Context and Proposal Structure
  • Methodology
  • Organisation and Staffing
  • Budget
  • Review and Finalization


SECTION 2 focuses on Writing Techniques for Proposals, meaning what you can do to write your text better, faster and to make it more effective. Here, we go over 7 fundamental tools for better writing.

SECTION 3, lastly, is a collection of 26 Proposal-Specific Writing Tips, that is a series of adjustments you can use in your text right away that make your document more readable and easier to follow.

At the end of the book you will find the proposal structure (for quick reference) and a methodology to calculate your personnel's hourly rate