These are workshops intended for groups of leaders within a single organization, if your aim is to independently grow as a leader, take a look at our leadership coaching options!

A leadership workshop means facilitating the development and adoption of specific skills and empowering people in key positions to not only become more resilient to change, but also to enable their own teams to react, work together and keep up their competitive edge. 

Innovative leadership skills are now necessary to remain competitive. When work and competitors were static, leadership development could have been organic, but now that simply does not work. Organizations are increasingly exposed to frequent and disruptive changes, and competition in every market is rising. Remaining competitive then is a matter of having leaders with the right skills to face that instability. Leadership coaching is the only way to get those skills, and is a necessity for any company hoping to make it.

Specifically with targeted leadership development workshops, you will enable people with key roles to catalyze growth and turnover for your company, while at the same time maintaining a healthy and happy work environment. Providing this training to people in those roles enables them to create trust, mutual support and increased speed in their unit and across your organization, making it easier to move faster and be more competitive, always one step ahead.


The focus of our leadership workshops is about acquiring skills and changing behaviours, and for both of them practice is the way to go. You can listen to concepts in any lecture, but if you want to take something away and apply it from day one you need to do it. This is why we have built our leadership training style around interactive and innovative leadership workshops: we want you to use your new leadership skills, not just know about them, and for that we made sure to provide you the most effective method.


EBZ Coaching offers three leadership workshops:

Each one has a different aim and depth, but they are all strongly tied to our philosophy:

  • to rapidly improve leadership skills and train innovative leadership styles that will make a difference in your organization from day one;
  • to do that via science-backed, active and interactive exercises; and
  • to make it fun!

Depending on the requirements we offer everything from a quick introduction to a full-on deep dive into your role as a leader and your leadership in turbulent times.

Our workshops are intended for groups of 6-20 people.

These are our three workshops:



This is a quick and effective workshop, aimed at giving you the basic skills you'd need to approach a new way of working and leading. It's a great way to get an introduction to our training style and to test something different if you're looking for innovative leadership development workshop ideas.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart, a projector.

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This workshop doubles down on leadership skills: it's not just about how you behave and manage others, it's about starting your own journey and being the catalyst of good work and strong resilience in your team. In this workshop we will start from the basics and completely rebuild your skills to make you the best leader you can be.

  • Duration: 5 hours that can be split into two sessions
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart, a projector.

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This 2-day workshop brings in all our expertise and is aimed at creating strong, sustainable and transferrable leadership skills to not only make you more competitive and resilient to change, but to be the ones driving that change.

  • Duration: 2 sessions of 4 hours each, spread over two days.
  • Participants: 6-20
  • Requirements: one chair per participant, a flipchart, a projector.

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Every organization is made of people and everyone has their own differences. Because of this there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and there shouldn't be one: so get in touch, tell us your leadership development goals and let's get it rolling!

Oh, and if you have any leadership workshop ideas that you would like to integrate in our workshops let us know, we'd be happy to discuss!


Let us know about your team and goals - we'll be happy to talk to you!